About TurkishBrands.co

Turkishbrands.co is a project of ” Bizmimar for Business Engineering ” built in arabic language and designed as an interactive inclusive products showcase for Turkish Brands operating in and outside Turkey , targeting the huge untapped arab markets .


Showcase for all kind of Turkish products in Arabic language followed by English in a later phase . Our goal is to provide a window for Turkish products to be displayed and introduced to the Arab Markets and the rest of the world .


The website has multiple purposes as it serves all stakeholders in the market beginning from the company “The brand” , the merchant , retailer , and finally the end-customer . It also operates as a functional business directory for all parties interested in knowing more about major Turkish companies .

1-) The value provided to The Brands lies in the interactive design that couples with the rising trend of social media and consumer power . Through the interactive features of TurkishBrands.co , the company can post it’s products in it’s special profile page in the website and collect valuable information about the most successful products which have consumer recognition and preferences along with location of the consumers , number of viewers of the products , and comments of consumers on certain products .

Serving as multi-purpose website , Turkishbrands.co not only serve as a strong marketing tool for your products , it will also be functional as a market research tool capturing prevailing consumer trends and preferrences . The company will know which production lines should continue as users like it , which should have some adjustments as users have some comments about it , and which have to be shut entirely as users didn’t like it . This important feature will save a good amount of money ordinarily going to market research firms who usually fail to capture truthful and valuable insights .

2-) As for The Merchants intending to import turkish products from turkey to their own countries , there are two common problems facing them regarding this matter . First , there’s is the obstacle of locating a high quality turkish products with a convenient price that will guarantee a safe profit margin for them . Second , there’s the present risk of nit being able to market those products in the arab markets as the consumers might not like it , specially with the harsh competition from other low-price products coming from countries like China and South-Eastern Countries .
This problem has been adressed in the design philosophy of Turkishbrands.co as we have created new innovative location features that will help the merchant realise true demand in any given market he’s intending to do business in , and for which products as the interactive feature of the website will provide the necessary information in this regard .

3-) The Retailers are also carefully considered in Turkishbrands.co starategy . Through the user location feature added in the website , the potential customer will be able to find the nearest retailer selling the product the customer is interested in .This feature provides a good opportunity for retailers to engage with customers and interact with them in a positive way , presenting a guaranteed marketing channel for more revenues for the retailer .

4-) Finally , the End-Arab Customer will have an interactive and attractive website featuring all major Turkish Brands in one place that will make it much easier for him to compare prices and quality and will save him a lot of time collecting information from different sources with no guarantee for the accuracy of the data collected . Plus , the fact that the website is the first of it’s kind to be in arabic language will add to the motivation of the customer to engage in the activities and services of the website .

Another exciting new feature is the user location feature . Now not only the customer will be able to find a specific store he’s looking for as many websites are already providing this service , but also he’ll able to find a specific product he’s looking for by locating the nearest retailer to his location .
All the valuable services provided in the website for the end-customer will be for free , no money charged .
The website will also show the new rising trends and technologies which is in fact very interesting to the arab customers who are always looking and searching for new market trends .


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