Anatolia IVF Center – مركز الأناضول لأطفال الأنابيب و الحقن المجهرى

مركز الأناضول لأطفال الأنابيب و الحقن المجهرى

Anatolia IVF Center offers a wide range of assisted reproductive services including, IVF, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), embryo freezing, pre-implantation genetic screening/diagnosis (PGS/PGD), microscopic TESE (micro-TESE) and intrauterine insemination (IUI).  We tend to perform blastocyst-stage (Day 5) embryo transfer in fresh IVF/ICSI cycles in over 90% of the cases.  Such a near exclusively blastocyst-stage transfer policy is associated with very high implantation rates and minimized twin rates.  Very efficient freezing technologies (<98% survival rate following thawing) permit us to offer our patients the highest cumulative live birth rates (fresh and frozen replacement cycles. They also offer PGS mainly for women with advanced maternal age but also for recurrent implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage.  We do blastocyst stage (Day 5/6) biopsy for this purpose.  The best genetic platform (Next Generation Sequencing with high resolution) is used for the genetic analysis.  PGD for genetic diseases as well as for numerical/structural chromosomal errors (translocations) are also offered. 


Cinnah Caddesi No:54, Cankaya, Ankara


0090 888 848 76 39


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